Sarah Lucia Jones

Illustration by Sarah Lucia Jones

Studio Tour

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Welcome to my studio! 


I think I've finally broken in my workspace after recently finishing a few big projects - Lloyd Llama, Black & White Nighty-Night (BMP Spring 2015), Sleepy Bee Garden and a painting commission! Thought I'd have some fun with some studio photos, and share my stuff! 

My workspace is located in my home, in Cincinnati, OH


Below are a list of my favorite materials, which I use on a regular basis. These are my tools for illustration and were used in the creation of all my Blue Manatee Press books. 

And Finally, a sneak peek at the 2 books I just completed! Lloyd Llama and Black and White Nighty-Night will be out spring 2015, with Blue Manatee Press. Both are available for Pre-Order on Amazon