Sarah Lucia Jones

Illustration by Sarah Lucia Jones

Star Review From Publisher's Weekly

Sarah JonesComment

I received my first star book review today for Orange Triangle Fox with Publishers Weekly, and it was great! Read the full review HERE 

"In this triple threat (at least as far as concept books go), Cincinnati-based author/artist Jones makes a strong debut as she explores seven colors, shapes, and animals. On the opening spread, the words “brown circle hedgehog” appear within a white circle at left; at right, an adorable cartoon version of the animal sleeps contentedly on its back, its body the shape of a circle. Elsewhere, a “red square owl” stares off-page, as though trying to remember something, and the jointed legs of a “yellow star frog” give the animal a five-pointed outline. Jones’s clever portraits ooze personality, and will appeal to children and book-buying adults alike."