Sarah Lucia Jones

Bunnies Near And Far

Farmer Bo wants to know where his bunnies are! Some are near, some are far, some are walking and some in a car, but all are as cute as can be! Little ones will learn counting and opposites in this fun tale of bunnies on the go. Perfect for sharing: read and count along to find out what they’ll do next! A sibling to Orange, Triangle, Fox, which introduced colors, shapes, and animals.


blue manatee press, April 2014

Illustrated in gouache



“I would definitely say that if you’re in the market for a board book that will be good for more than a month, that you consider Bunnies Near and Far. It should be able to take you from older baby to toddler (and perhaps preschooler depending on your child). Thanks to blue manatee press for a review copy of this and Sarah Jones’ other book Orange Triangle Fox. I think she’s amazing!” - Pam Tee,