Sarah Lucia Jones

Upcoming Events

March 8th - 3:30 pmBook signing and musical story time at Green Bean Books in Portland, Oregon. Free event!


Stay Tuned for more upcoming event postings!

Past Events



April 8 - Dolly Parton Imagination Library Fundraiser, hosted by "Women Enriching Lives" and "Middletown Community Foundation"

June 4th - 11:00 special story time with miss Sarah! Celebrating

blue manatee children's bookstore GRAND OPENING!

Aug 29 - Exhibition Opens, Miami University, Department of Art Faculty & Alumni Exhibition

October 28th - Books by the Banks book signing at Duke Energy Convention Center 10am-4pm, with blue manatee press authors.

Dec 16 - Exhibition Closes Miami University, Department of Art Faculty & Alumni Exhibition 

February 17 - Story time and book signing at Cover to Cover bookstore in Columbus, OH - 10am



April 8 - May 8 - Natural Forms Group Show at Clink Gallery. Opening reception: Friday, April 8 6:00-9:00, Clink gallery at

April 16th - Dolly Parton Imagination Library Fundraiser

April 23rd - Invention Convention SW. Central State University



June 6 - Book signing and Story Time at Joseph Beth Booksellers. Introducing, Lloyd Llama! 11am

July 5 - Book Signing and Story Time at Green Bean Books. Sunday, 6/5 @ 11am, Portland, OR. Enjoy a musical story time, spelling activity and craft. Free event!

August 14 Under 30 Show. C-Link Gallery @ Brazee Street Studios. Open August 14- Spetember 3. Opening reception: Friday, Aug 14th 6-9pm.

September 10 - Story time, craft and book signing at the Bexley Public Library. Tuesday, September 10, 10am.  

October 17th Books by the Banks from 10am-4pm.

December 10 - But There's Room for Discussion. Group show at the Clifton Cultural Arts center. Open Dec.10- Jan.7



February 22- April 4- Art of Illustration, Gallery One One, Brazee Street Studios

February 7- Art! Craft! Beer! - Mt. Caramel Brewing Company

April 13- Blue Manatee Press book signing and Story Time Extravaganza. Blue Manatee Children's Bookstore, Sunday 4/13 @ 2:00. All ages. Free!

April 26- Invention Convention Speaking/Signing Southwest/Dayton/Cincinnati, 4/26 at The Terminal Museum

May 3- Barnes & Noble signing at B&N Easton, Columbus, OH. Saturday, 5/3 @ 11:00am. All ages. Free!

May 17- Invention Convention Speaking/Signing Central/ Columbus, 5/17 at  Columbus State Community College

June 22- Booksigning at Malaprops Bookstore, Asheville, North Carolina. 10:00-12:00

October 11 -Books By The Banks Signing 2:00-4:00

November 8 - Blue Manatee Press Sign and story time.

Blue Manatee Children's Bookstore, 11:30-12:30

November 14- Multiplicity, Gallery One One, Brazee Street Studios



November 7- Multiplicity, Gallery One One, Brazee Street Studios


November 16- Secret Artworks, The Center
Mercantile Building **Tickets required
November 9- Multiplicity, Gallery One One, Brazee Street Studios
May 5- The Science Show, Museum Gallery Gallery Museum

November 18- Secret ArtWorks, MCA Event Center
November 11- Multiplicity, Gallery One One, Brazee Street Studios
July 27- Museum Gallery Gallery Museum, The Romance Show
May 27 (6pm opening)-June 11- MFA thesis show, Clifton Cultural Arts Center
April 7- What would Nam June Do? Museum Gallery Gallery Museum

Oct.28- Pipeline Gallery, Halloween Show, Scioto Studios
Nov. 5 - Pipeline Gallery, Scioto Studios
Nov. 12- 50/50, The Covington Artisan Enterprise Center
Dec. 4- Passages Gallery, Traces, MFA group show
Dec 14 -Museum Gallery Gallery Museum, Girls on Guys,